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We are dedicated to helping people love the triathlon swim, one athlete at a time.


Mary Ellen (“Melon”) Dash is the founder of Miracle Swimming School for Adults, LLC., which opened in Berkeley, CA, in 1983. She discovered and developed a new teaching paradigm that virtually guarantees adults who are afraid in water will overcome their fear and learn to swim. This paradigm shift enables them to be 100% comfortable in deep water. She wrote the book Conquer Your Fear of Water, produced the DVD The Miracle Swimmer, hosted The Learn to Swim Show on internet radio, and has contributed vital new concepts to the aquatics industry that are changing the way swimming is taught. Dash has trained over 60 instructors around the world to use her teaching system. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, NBC’s Today show, NPR, Psychology Today, Athletic Business, Aquatics International, Recreation, The Travel News Network, CNN’s Headline News, Real Simple, and many others. Dash herself is world-ranked in three events as a U. S. Masters Swimmer, and resides full time in Sarasota, Florida.


Ali Meeks is a lifelong swimmer, a former NCAA Division 1 collegiate athlete, and a three-time Ironman triathlon finisher. Following a successful career as a marine biologist, she founded ReadySetSweat triathlon coaching and its swim lessons business line, Ready, Set, Splash! Meeks’ swimming and open-water experience has rendered her a highly sought-after coach, from beginning swimmers to those refining their speed skills. She has been roundly praised for her ability to bring fun and excitement to the learning process for both children and adults. Meeks is a Licensed Miracle Swimming Instructor, a Red Cross/CPR Trained Lifeguard, a Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine, a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach, and a Training Peaks Certified Level 2 Coach. Meeks is active in her local triathlon community, volunteering and participating annually in open water and triathlon swims ranging to 10 miles. She lives in north Alabama with her husband, two out-of-control bird/couch dogs, and four good horses.