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There’s nothing like seeing something in living color!

We hope these videos help you visualize what you’ve read in the book.
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A perfectly good back float – note, the body doesn’t have to be horizontal to be a useful float

V-floats – an example of someone trying to keep the feet up in a back float,
which is something you don’t want to do, because the face often goes under water

” I ” position for back float

” T ” position for back float

” Y ” position for back float

Playing with the “I”, “T, and ” Y ” positions for back float

Sculling in back float (from side)

Sculling in back float (from front)

Propelling on front

Pop-up breaths while propelling on front

Propelling on the back

Bobbing – it takes some practice to slow down and get air. Some of these folks are rushing a little.

Bobbing to rest from swimming

Using the back float to rest from swimming

Rolling side breath

Easy open water freestyle