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Here we bring you the product of over 40 years of combined experience working and swimming with adults with fear of the water. This is the most fundamental and far-reaching solution to overcoming fear in triathlon swimming.
For the first time ever,  the groundbreaking concepts used to teach adult beginning swimmers every day are packaged and shared with triathletes. By combining what we know about teaching afraid adults with your open-water specific challenges, we chart a new course toward your triathlon swim becoming your favorite part of the race! ​Join us!


Avoid it.
Manage it.

 — OR —

You can learn how to heal fear, not how to avoid it or implement strategies to deal with it.

You are a whole person and not just arms and legs that need to know how to do certain movements.

You can learn the method called the 5 Circles which keeps you calm.

You can discover how being mindful can unlock a peacefulness in your body in the water.

You can learn how to harness calm to prevent triathlon swim fear from occurring in the first place.

That is what healing is all about.


Wouldn’t it be fun to be excited about the swim for once?


“These concepts changed my life. As a fit athlete but a late-in-life swim competitor, I hit a wall with triathlons. This made me rethink my relationship with water—it changed everything! It felt like triathlon swim therapy: something I dreaded but then discovered was the best thing I ever did!” – Triathlete E. Scott Osborne

“The system of overcoming fear that Melon and Ali are teaching is second to none. Their message is spot on.” –Maryann Carrero, Triathlete and a graduate of Melon’s program

“This book is a fantastic resource for those suffering anxiety or panic attacks in the triathlon swim. Debunking the traditional ‘tough it out’ approach, Conquer Your Fear of the Triathlon Swim offers a strategic pathway to break free of a debilitating condition. Without doubt, it will improve the performance and quality of life of many.” –Triathlon Pro Coach Matt Koorey

“VERY interesting. Coming from a sink or swim, ‘tough it out’ background, this was not at all what I was expecting. However, what a wonderful way to approach fear. I’ve always had a fear of jumping from extreme heights (typically into water). I always thought if I could start from a few feet, then gradually work up higher and higher, it would be easy and enjoyable. This book exemplifies that step-by-step approach. I LIKE IT!” –USA Triathlon Certified Coach Rick Greif

“This book is chock full of excellent information: even if you’re an experienced open-water swimmer or long-time triathlete, there’s always something new to learn. As a fellow swim and triathlon coach, I found the book to be extremely helpful: I plan to use several of their tips with my own athletes. It’s an excellent manual, and easy to read.” –Swim/Tri and Leadership Coach Anne Duffy

“Research shows that fear and lack of knowledge about open-water swimming can be two of the biggest barriers to entry in triathlon—but they don’t have to be. Conquer Your Fear of the Triathlon Swim is a much anticipated resource for aspiring triathletes who are still in the process of finding comfort in open water. This book helps athletes see a path forward so they can chase their triathlon goals, no matter how big.” –USA Triathlon CEO Rocky Harris